2017      Rules and Regulations

The Conneaut Port Authority board of directors has established these rules to assure all vessel owners enjoy a safe recreational experience.  Owners must comply with all laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of the Conneaut Port Authority, City of Conneaut and the State of Ohio that may pertain to the dockage or operation of the vessel.

The Conneaut Port Authority reserves the right to change or amend these Terms, Rules and Regulations as it deems necessary.

The boating season begins approximately May 1st and ends October 15th.

Only The Conneaut Port Authority (CPA) assigns all docks.

Docks will be assigned only after contract, current boat registration and evidence of insurance are returned to the CPA office along with payment.

Owners with more than one vessel must have a contract, current registration and evidence of insurance on file for all vessels.

If insurance or registration expires during boating season, copies of renewals must be submitted to office

Payments are due October 15th, Feb. 1st and April 1st.  Failure to make payments may result in loss of dock.

Owner is not permitted to sublease or transfer contract to any other person or vessel.

Owners that change boats during the season will NOT be assured of a dock.  Prior approval must be given by CPA office to assure boat will fit in dock.

When vessel will be absent from assigned dock for more than 48 hours notify the CPA office.  Dock may be used as a transient dock when not in use by owner.

No refunds will be issued if dock holder has been removed from marina by board.

CPA reserves the right to reject any application on the basis of condition of the vessel

 Dock rules are for all boat owners, family members and quests

Each contract allows dock holder one vehicle on premises. There is no assigned parking.

Vehicles blocking roadways or dock entrances will be towed at owner’s expense.

CPA reserves the right to move vessels within premises at any time.

CPA may take actions necessary to save or protect a vessel from damage or destruction without owner’s knowledge or consent. This will be done at owner’s expense

Vessels and surrounding space must be clean and free of debris or conditions that may be dangerous to the health, safety or well-being of any person.  Owner is responsible for correcting conditions in or around vessel which constitutes a fire hazard, health menace or nuisance. If owner fails to do so, steps will be taken to remove hazard or correct condition and charge expense to owner.

Vessels in slips must be secured with a minimum ½” diameter nylon line.  Owners are responsible for damage caused to docks or other vessels. Polypropylene & sisal rope are NOT appropriate for securing your vessel.

All outdrives must be down when in dock.

Air conditioners must be turned off while owners are off premises.

Padding not permitted on the floating docks; protect and secure your boat with multiple marine bumpers.  Any materials used for padding or bumpers on non-floating dock must be in good condition and removed at end of season.

Electrical devises to be submerged in marina or lagoon waters must have prior CPA approval.

All oils, residue, sewage and solid refuse must be disposed of in accordance with all existing local, state and federal rules and regulations that govern such action.

It is prohibited to throw or discharge into the water; sewage, oil-laden bilge fluids, refuse matter or any other pollutants such as detergent that is not biodegradable.

In event of such discharge, owner will be responsible for cost of clean-up.

Vessels must be removed by October 15th if not owner could be asked to move it in order to finish the winterizing on schedule

Stand-offs, dock boxes, equipment, extra fenders and/or attachments to dock must be removed by October 15th.  Noncompliance will result in materials being scraped

Gasoline fueling of floating marine craft:  The State of Ohio Fire Marshall and the City of Conneaut Fire Department have determined that it is no longer legal or safe to fuel gasoline powered boats and jet skis with any kind of portable containers or vessel.  Thus, gasoline powered watercraft can only be fueled at a state inspected and certified “land based” fueling station.  Outboard gas tanks can only be filled by removing from boat and taking them to a state inspected and certified” land based” fueling station.

Diesel fueling of floating marine craft:  Because diesel fuel is not as flammable as gasoline it is legal to refuel a diesel powered boat with approved portable container; however, a permit secured from the City of Conneaut Fire Department is required.

Failure to comply will result in citation from the Conneaut City Police Department and immediate loss of your leased dock.

Cleaning fish on premises is prohibited.


Children under age 12 must wear life preservers while in or around any vessel, dock or water area. Children under age 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Swimming or fishing is prohibited from land based or docked vessels in lagoon or marina.

Quiet time is from 11:00 P.M. until 7:00 A.M. every day.

Roller skates, roller blades, skate boards, bicycles, scooters or motorized scooters are prohibited around vessels.

Pets must be leashed. Pets are prohibited in pavilion, office or restrooms.  Owner is responsible for proper disposal of pet’s waste.

Parking of trailers (Jet Ski or boat) on premises is prohibited.

Overnight camping is prohibited.

Fire, firearms or fireworks is prohibited on premises.

Illegal substances are prohibited on CPA premises. Violators rule will be removed from property, loose privileges and be prosecuted to full extent of law.

Vandalism of any kind to CPA property will not be tolerated. Violators will be removed from property, loose privileges, and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Civil rights statement – will not discriminate in the assigning of contracts.

CPA shall not be liable for and is thereby released by owner for all claims of damage or loss to the vessel or owner due to fire, theft, collision or other casualty.  All dockage shall be at the sole risk of the boat owner.  Owner shall at all times maintain liability and casualty insurance coverage on the vessel, property within and activities in connection therewith. Conneaut Port Authority will not be responsible for any losses, damages or injuries to owner, family or guests while on the premises.