February 19, 2015

6:30 p.m. 929 Broad Street, Conneaut, Ohio

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Joe Raisian at 6:30 p.m.

PRESENT: Joe Raisian, Wally Dunne, Bruce Fleishmann, Luke Gallagher, Bill Cooper, Patrick Arcaro, Harbor Master Denver Spieldenner, Babs Legeza, Debbie Vendely, and Nick Church, Conneaut City Council President.

Joe Raisian made a motion to excuse Bob Best from the meeting. Wally Dunne seconded the motion, motion carried. Joe also stated that Bill Cooper and Bruce Fleischmann were sustaining from making any motions this evening.


A motion was made by Joe Raisian to approve the January 15, 2015 monthly meeting minutes; second by Wally Dunne, motion passed.


Denver Spieldenner received a letter from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources stating that there would be no open lake dumping of dredged materials per the EPA. Denver also received the monthly report from that the Water Core that water levels are expected to be above average during 2015.Joe Raisian made a motion to approve the new rate increases that were discussed in the January 15, 2015 Executive Session for the following: Launch Ramp Attendants (3% increase), Maintenance Crew (3%increase), Security Guard (3% increase), and Harbor Master (4% increase). Seconded by Wally Dunne, motion passed. This motion was previously over-looked but included in the minutes.


Bruce Fleischmann passed out a chart indicating Wage Appropriations Changes that were reviewed by Bruce and Babs Legeza. Joe Raisian asked questions regarding the totals. Babs Legeza and Bruce gave a breakdown of the figures in detail.

Bruce then discussed the Financial Report with the actual amounts shown through 1/31/2015. He also mentioned the Maintenance Crew will be starting back to work on March 16, 2015. He mentioned that $75,000 was set aside for Capital Projects and included in the Book Balance for 1/31/15. Bruce discussed the financial report in entirety and stated that January activity was light. Bruce addressed the increase of the Wage Appropriations chart and Babs Legeza assisted with more details explaining how it would affect the admin budget.

  • Luke Gallagher made a motion to adopt the Wage Appropriations. Patrick Arcaro seconded, motion carried.
  • Luke Gallagher made a motion to pay January bills. Wally Dunne seconded, motion carried.
  • Bruce Fleischmann reported that we received the survey for the Manual Audit at a cost of $5,600.00 per year which had been budgeted.
  • Patrick Arcaro made a motion to approve the Financial Report. Seconded by Luke Gallagher, motion carried.


Resolved #- 02-15 Luke Gallagher made a motion to adopt the Wage Appropriations. The motion was seconded by Patrick Arcaro, motion passed.

Resolved #-03-15 Luke Gallagher made a motion to approve a match up to $9,000 for new signs.The motion was seconded by Wally Dunne, motion passed.


  • Debbie Vendely reported that 82 docks were sold in the PCM, 169 docks in the Lagoon, and
  • 6 Jet Ski docks. Debbie stated that she sent out letters to the C-Dock holders explaining that those docks were renovated in the fall and their numbers had been reassigned, but not their locations.


  • Luke Gallagher reported the Breakwall Lease has been executed.
  • Luke also mentioned that there will be issues for the Lake Erie Boat Club and Conneaut Boat Club leases regarding the real estate taxes.
  • Joe Raisian commented that we need invoices to be generated for all the leases and taxes and requested that Bruce needs to get with Debbie so she can mail invoices by April 1, 2015.


Wally Gallagher reported that he had a conversation with David Jurka from Kent State University in regards to the Cleveland and Urban Design Collaborative. Wally then presented to the board members a report titled, “Fall 2014 Conneaut Charrette: The Student Perspective”, for further discussion. David asked for additional pictures of the Fishery Building.

Wally also announced that The Conneaut Library is in negotiation for purchasing some property south of the library, Madison Street, to be used as part of the city commons, as well as, property on Broad Street for further development for the soap box derby.

Wally mentioned the Grant Partnership from the Online Foundation Directory from Cleveland and the Conneaut Library. Wally met with Cathy and she said their board approved the partnership grant with the Library to hopefully be opened in March for anyone wanting to use this site. We are anticipating that someone from their agency will come here to plan a seminar to show individuals how to use the website.

Wally addressed the D-Day damages since the D-Day Committee needs photos, before the damages were made, for submission to their insurance company.

GRANTS: No report from Bill Cooper.

Patrick Arcaro announced that some sort of grant may be available for the flower bed renovations and he had seen something pass his desk but hadn’t had the time to look the paperwork over yet. Wally Dunne announced that the Rotary had a meeting and there was mention of a grant that possibly could help with our renovations as well.



HARBOR MASTER: Denver Spieldenner

  • Buildings
    • All buildings are being checked regularly and so far we have no problems with water lines or anything else.
    • We have contacted Paint the Town contractors for an estimate to paint the maintenance building.
  • Snow removal
    • This is a daily chore lately. Trying hard to keep Public Dock open.
    • We helped LEBC and CBC remove snow at their facilities with our tractor.
    • We are keeping the sidewalks shoveled and salted.
  • Employees
    • The maintenance crew will return to work on March 16, 2015.
    • We will need at least one additional launch ramp attendant. Two employees from last season are no longer with us.
  • Facility cleaning
    • Kathy Mittlesstadt has agreed to clean this season for the same cost as last season.
  • Landscaping
    • We have contacted Penniman Brothers Landscaping to get updated costs for this season. Still waiting to hear from them.
  • Docks
    • We are still waiting for the rep from Atlantic-Meeco to stop with information on docks for “A” wall in the Lagoon.
    • We need to complete electrical repairs on “C” dock in the Lagoon when the weather breaks.
    • It still appears there is no ice damage in either marina. We will know more after it warms up and the ice melts.
  • D-Day damage
    • No word yet on whether or not we are going to be compensated for damages caused during this event.
  • Vehicles
    • The Envoy will need to have the charging system looked at. The battery keeps going dead and there is a squeal that is very noticeable. We will get to Deans Auto shortly.
    • We have some license plate issues with a couple of our work vehicles. The plates on record with the DMV don’t match our vehicles and VIN numbers. We are working with the DMV to correct this problem.
  • Water backflow prevention devices
    • Burdick Plumbing will be here on Monday 2-23-15 to check all of our backflow devices.
    • Burdick Plumbing will be installing one new backflow device for the restaurant as there is not one on that water service. This has to be corrected.
  • Taxes
    • We have some major increases in property tax bills for the LEBC (356%) and CBC (450%). We have contacted the Ashtabula County Auditor and also the Conneaut City Law Director to file appeals for these two parcels. We took copies of all paperwork to the Law Director as well as CPA Board Member Luke Gallagher.
    • We have until March 31, 2015 to file the appeals.
  • Channel marker buoys
    • We are working with the USCG to verify the placement positions and the quantity of each type of buoy we will be placing in the recreational navigation channel this season.
    • We may have to fill out a new permit.
    • We are working with USCG Buffalo on this project.
  • Surplus and outdated equipment
    • We have quite a variety of old computer equipment that we need to dispose of.
    • We also have the Farmall Cub that we no longer use that we should probably get rid of.


  • The property taxes were discussed in round table fashion and Babs Legeza explained the method that had been used to calculate the taxes and that there may have been a clerical error in some of the totals in several neighborhoods. Much discussion made.
  • Joe Raisian discussed “Paint the Town” and that we need to get quotes on painting the maintenance building.
  • Bruce Fleischmann stated that there are many possibilities for the maintenance building and requested that another meeting needs to be held to brainstorm.
  • Wally Dunne spoke to David Jurka who said we may need to contact a local designer to assist with planning ideas for the maintenance building.
  • Joe Raisian mentioned that five docks need to be renovated on A-Docks and we are getting a quote. He also stated that the Western Reserve Group is looking at our property for development but it did not look promising.


  • Joe Raisian stated that Denver Spieldenner and Nick Church were both present for the Sign Committee Meeting. The estimate for the new signs would cost approximately $4,000 – $5,000 each for six signs. A sign drawing and locations were presented to the board from Cicogna Sign Company. The signs were discussed in round table fashion. Much discussion from everyone.
  • Nick Church stated that the Geneva on the Lake area currently has signs up and they are very impressive looking.
  • Joe Raisian brought up that possibly the Conneaut Foundation might be interested in a fund match for the cost of the signs.Luke Gallagher addressed that the CPA should to be able to match a portion of the monies given.
  • Luke Gallagher made a motion to approve a match up to $9,000 for signs. Seconded by Wally Dunne, motion carried.
  • Joe Raisian addressed the need for the restrooms to be painted as soon as the weather breaks and our maintenance crew can begin.
  • Joe Raisian requested of Patrick Arcaro to examine Brownfield money programs that may be available to help the CPA with future projects, and asked Wally Dunne to look into Grants that may be available also.
  • Joe Raisian mentioned the lease for the stone dock upcoming in June of 2022 and suggested to Nick Church that the CPA could participate in a joint committee with the city to discuss our options.
  • Nick Church mentioned that he participated in an interview for upcoming marketing plans for Ashtabula County that he felt could be a great asset.
  • Nick also announced that the Bunk House is now owned by the city of Conneaut and that the City Manager search has been narrowed down to one person and will soon be announced.
  • Nick stated that a new business, JT’s Bagels, opened in Conneaut.
  • Joe Raisian made a motion to go into Executive Session at 7:58 p.m. Wally Dunne seconded the  motion.

The next regular scheduled board meeting will be held Thursday, April 17, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. at 929 Broad Street, Conneaut, Ohio.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Raisian, Chairman

Bruce Fleischmann, Treasurer

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July 17, 2014

6:30 p.m. 929 Broad Street, Conneaut, Ohio

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Joe Raisian at 6:45 p.m.

PRESENT: Joe Raisian, Luke Gallagher, Bob Best, Bill Cooper, Harbor Master Denver Spieldenner and Babs Legeza

EXCUSED: Wally Dunne and Bruce Fleischmann


A motion was made by Luke Gallagher to approve the  June 19, 2014 monthly meeting minutes; second by Bob Best, motion passed.


  • Army Corp of Engineers monthly bulletin reports normal lake levels.


  • None


  • Mike Summers updated the board on the progress of the new web page.  He is asking the board for their input on pages.  He will update the links page with charter information.
  • Terry Berkey and Larry Perady gave a presentation on the Ashtabula Metro Parks, this included maps various parks in Ashtabula County. Voters will vote on a ½ mill levy in the fall.
  • Patrick Ernst of the Army Corp of Engineers reviewed the Ohio Submerged Lands Lease Program.  He went over the history of the program and answered some questions from various board members.


  • Bill Cooper made a motion to approve the June 2014 financials; second was made by Luke Gallagher, motion passed.
  • Luke Gallagher made a motion to pay current bills; second by Bill Cooper, motion carried.


Resolved # – 18-14Bob Best made a motion to excuse Wally Dunne and Bruce Fleischman from the July 19, 2014 monthly board of directors meeting, second was made by Bill Cooper; motion carried

LEASE REPORT: Luke Gallagher

  • No Report


  • No Report

GRANTS: Bill Cooper

  • No Report


  • No Report

DOCKFEST:  Joe Raisian

  • DockFest committee will on the Pat Williams show Tuesday morning July 22, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.


  • No Report

HARBOR MASTER: Denver Spieldenner


  • New vinyl windows have been installed. There were problems with the screens but new ones have been ordered. This is a manufacturer issue.
  • We need to install two additional electrical circuits for an ice machine and a chest freezer. These will be on the restaurants electric meter.
  • New exterior perimeter lighting has been installed.
  • We are working with a contractor to cover the overhang on the front of the restaurant. Restaurant expense but we need to approve. Joe has the drawing.

Fuel Dock

  • We reset the toilet and repaired a water valve in the restroom. This appears to have solved our problem of water on the floor.
  • We are painting all the water and gas access panels outside. These will be gray with a yellow border to prevent people from tripping over them.
  • We are exploring why the electric bill seems to be high for this building.

Public Dock

  • We have repaired most of the standoffs on the face of the dock. We hope to have this project finished before D-Day as long as the weather cooperates.
  • We have placed a new throw ring and reach pole at the launch ramp floating dock. This was a safety issue.
  • We will be re-painting the arrows and some of the striping in the parking lot.

Maintenance Building

  • The new furnace has been hung and we are working on the gas and electric lines to it. This is a fill in job on rainy days when we can’t work outside.

Lagoon Lift Station

  • We have ordered a new grinder pump for this lift station. It is stainless steel and matches our other pumps in the other lift stations so all parts are interchangeable. Cost was $2345. The Wastewater Treatment Plant has been pumping this out for us as needed. Many thanks to them for the help.


  • The TD-5050 tractor is at Bortnick Tractor for repairs to the air conditioner.
  • Our welder is back in service and we have returned the welder we borrowed from Kelly Welding while ours was down.

Decorative Lamp Post

  • Still waiting for lamp post to arrive.


  • We have had several minor electrical issues that have been repaired.


  • Continuing to rake and mow as needed. Many storms lately so we have had to pick up a lot of driftwood.
  • We placed an additional five trash cans on the sandbar.
  • We hired our cleaning contractor to empty all the cans on the sandbar three times per week when she empties the other cans at the port. This costs us $150 per month. This is to pick up thirteen cans three times per week. If you do the math it is 156 cans per month. About $0.96 per can.
  • We had trash all over the place after the Fourth of July fireworks. This is not unusual but we spent approximately 12 man hours cleaning it up.

Channel Marker Buoys

  • We received a letter this week informing us it will be at least 8 weeks before our buoys come in. We have been waiting for these since last spring.

New Marina

  • We are working with an engineering firm to give us a quote to do core samples in this area. Core samples are necessary if we apply for a 401 Water Quality Certification permit that we need before we can do any dredging. We should have pricing back next week. The company is Bowser-Morner, Inc. out of Toledo, Ohio.

PCM Marina Laundry

  • We ordered a stackable washer/dryer unit for the men’s restroom. It seems the men are using the washer/dryer in the ladies room and this is an issue of privacy. Cost is $1555.24 delivered from Home Depot. Scheduled arrival is July 22, 2014.


99 PCM

194 Lagoon

13 Jet Ski



2574 Launches

$ 12,869 Collected


  • Larry DeGeorge of Security Technologies is going to provide a demonstration using night vision camera for security.  Mr. DeGeorge also would like to discuss a future service contract with the port authority.
  • Denver Spieldenner complimented and thanked Luke Gallagher for providing “cook-out” lunches on the sandbar for the crew.  Mr. Spieldenner stated that it is a good moral boost for employees.


At 9:05p.m. Chairman Joe Raisian called for a motion to go into executive session to discuss potential property acquisition.

Roll call followed:

Bill Cooper, Bob Best, Luke Gallagher, and Joe Raisian


At 9:30 a motion was made to exit executive session; Roll call followed: Bill Cooper, Luke Gallagher, Bob Best and Joe Raisian.


Bill Cooper made a motion to adjourn the meeting 10:00p.m.


The next regular scheduled board meeting will be held Thursday August 21, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at 929 Broad Street in Conneaut, Ohio.


Respectfully submitted,

Joseph Raisian, Chairman

Bruce Fleischmann, Treasurer



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