September 15, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Joe Raisian, at 6:30 p.m.

PRESENT: Joe Raisian, Denver Spieldenner, Wally Dunne, Bill Cooper, Patrick Arcaro, Luke Gallagher, Babs Legeza, and Debbie Vendely.

ABSENT: Bruce Fleischmann and Bob Best

After review of the minutes from the August 18, 2016 board meeting, it was moved by Patrick Arcaro to approve the minutes, seconded by Bill Cooper, motion carried.



CORRESPONDENCE: Denver Spieldenner discussed the letter we received from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in regards to the Lake Erie Submerged Lands Lease Rental Payments collected each fiscal year.

Bill Cooper made a motion to approve the Moved Budget Amendments as initiated in the Budget Meeting held on Monday, September 12, 2016, seconded by Luke Gallagher, motion carried.
Patrick Arcaro made a motion to approve the Current Bills for payment, seconded by Luke Gallagher, motion carried.
Bill Cooper made a motion to approve the Financial Report for August 18, 2016, seconded by Patrick Arcaro, motion carried.

Resolved #36-16… Bill Cooper made a motion to approve the Moved Budget Amendments as initiated in the Budget Meeting held on Monday, September 12, 2016, seconded by Luke Gallagher, motion carried.
Resolved #37-16…Bill Cooper made a motion to excuse both Bob Best and Bruce Fleischmann from the meeting, seconded by Wally Dunne, motion carried.

DOCK REPORT: Debbie Vendely
One Dock has been rented out under the Fall Rental Rate of $400.00 for 30 Days, and $100 per week thereafter until November 1st.
Larry Distelrath, at the Fuel Dock, has collected $960.00 for Transient Dockage since the last board meeting of which the CPA retains 50% for a bank deposit of $480.00.
The 2017 Boating Contracts are completed and ready to be mailed out on Friday, 9-16-2016.
The Lease Payments due in September have all been received.

GRANTS: Bill Cooper
Bill announced that the Ashtabula County Port Authority received a Target Opportunity Funds Grant which enabled them to purchase a building for renovation purposes.
The Conneaut Port Authority could not apply for this grant because we would have to be listed on the National Historic Register.
Bill also mentioned the Navigational Aids Grant through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in which he contacted a representative in Columbus about. This grant requires Coast Guard Approval.
Bill discussed another grant called the Clean Vessel Act Grant which requires equipment to have been used beyond ten years. We are considering this grant in order to obtain a new pump for the Pump Out Station located at the Fuel Dock.
Denver Spieldenner agreed to assist Bill Cooper in finding the documentation needed to verify the age of our current equipment. Much discussion was generated by all.

Joe Raisian spoke to the manager of the Fuel Dock who intends on renewing his lease for 2017.
Joe also stated that Portside Marine is up for sale in which case the lease would have to be transferred if the business sold, pending CPA approval.

o The pavilion has stayed clean and neat since we cleaned it out last month.
o The Conneaut Police Department is making frequent patrols through the area. This has been a big help with problems we were having on the sandbar.
o We are still pursuing the possibility of an off duty patrolman from either the Conneaut Police Department or the Ashtabula County Sheriffs’ Department for next year.
o We will be limiting our mowing and raking to once per week now that we are later in the season. By the end of September we will cut back to once per every other week.
o We will remove the portable toilets at the end of September.
o We are working on the inside of the building stripping out old water, electric, and gas lines.
o The roof has been repaired.
o We had the Waste Water jet vac clean out all of our storm and sanitary sewer drains.
o We have cleaned and remodeled the restrooms and the break room.
o We are working on two areas of the floor that had pits where the cement had been removed. We are installing floor drains in pipes that were in these pits and then re- cementing them.
o The Water Department installed a new water meter and the water is now on.
o The Illuminating Company set a new meter and we have temporary power in the building.
o We have ordered a new electric panel to be installed by DJ Electric.
o We have a new overhead door on order from M&M Construction.
o We have to do some work on the rough opening sizes of our man doors and then we will be ordering two new doors.
o We have contacted Andy’s Restaurant Equipment Exchange in Erie to see if he is interested in any of the stainless steel sinks left in the building. We are sending him pictures for his review.
o We have a large hot tub if anyone is interested.
o We filled two 40 yard dumpsters with trash from this building.
o We cleared brush from the lots across the street and then planted grass seed. Our mowing contractor is now keeping this area mowed for an additional $100 per week.
o We had to replace the two rear tires on the backhoe at $375 each plus $128 for installation. We will need two front tires in the near future. (Most likely next spring)
o The new lift arm for the New Holland tractor just arrived and Bortnick Tractor will be picking the tractor up this week to install it. We also have to have them look at the clutch and the rear end of the tractor because it is making a growling noise.
o We had no serious issues this year. As usual we had quite an increase in traffic but nothing our ramp attendants could not handle.
o We had to launch the landing craft in the Lagoon Marina because the crane that was sent to unload them was too small to reach the water at the Public Dock. This actually worked out well. Wally Dunne was on site to supervise. No damage at all.
o We have written the ad for part time seasonal help for next year and will be putting it in the paper around the beginning of October.
Respectfully submitted: Denver Spieldenner
Harbormaster Conneaut Port Authority

Patrick Arcaro requested the job descriptions for the positions that need to be filled for next year so that he could post them on the internet.

Joe Raisian spoke about the security camera situation and stated that Bob Best was not present at the meeting to give an update.
Denver Spieldenner mentioned that the Dredging Permit with the Army Corps of Engineers is good through 2018 but we want to extend this date.
Denver also discussed that Brian Hinrichs from Foth Engineering is looking for customers that may want to buy our sand.
Denver stated that our 401 Water Quality Permit is good for several years.
Joe Raisian mentioned that we had received an invoice from Foth Engineering for engineering services for a grant that we did not receive. Therefore, he is going to call Brian Hinrichs to let him know the outcome.
Bill Cooper informed everyone that the seal coating at the Public Dock will not be done this year and we are hoping to proceed with this project early in the Spring.
Wally Dunne announced that several board members met on Saturday, September 10, to look at the old fisheries building for development purposes.
Joe Raisian mentioned a meeting with the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative and several members of the CPA held last Tuesday, September 6, in regards to renovating the old fisheries building. Dave Jurca gave us several architect agencies to contact.
Wally Dunne discussed some of the costs involved with using these agencies and also that the CPA must write up specifications for them.
Joe Raisian stated that the CPA made an offer to purchase the old tanning salon located on Harbor Street.
Bill Cooper made a motion to excuse both Bob Best and Bruce Fleischmann from the meeting, seconded by Wally Dunne, motion carried.
Wally Dunne is looking into the legal aspects of a “charging fee” for entering into the Sandbar area.
Joe Raisian stated that the CPA decided to sealcoat the Public Dock area in late April or early May of next year.

Luke Gallagher mentioned that he participated in a meeting with the Breakwall Restaurant owners and they are going to submit proposals for improvements to the building.
Wally Dunne brought up an idea he had for the Ice Cream Wagon for next year.
Patrick Arcaro discussed the “Best of the County Growth Partnership Awards Dinner” being held on September 20th at the Spire Institute in Geneva and wanted to know who would be attending from the CPA.
Patrick also mentioned the bids for the glass window that we plan to install in the lobby of the CPA administration building.
Patrick asked about the pre-fab walls at a company located on Cook Road in Ashtabula and whether the CPA would be interested in purchasing them. The transportation charges would also have to be considered. Much discussion was made.

The chairman of the board entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting.
Bill Cooper made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m., seconded by Wally Dunne.
The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held on October 20, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
at 929 Broad Street, Conneaut, Ohio.

Respectfully Submitted,
Joe Raisian, Chairman
Wally Dunne, Treasurer

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