January 17, 2019

Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Joe Raisian, at 6:30 p.m.

PRESENT: Joe Raisian, Wally Dunne, Bill Kennedy, Bill Cooper, Patrick Arcaro, Babs Legeza, Denver Spieldenner, George Peterson, Aaron Joslin and Sandee Wilkerson.


MINUTES: A motion was made by Patrick Arcaro to accept the minutes from the November 18, 2018 board meeting, seconded by Bill Cooper, motion carried.

GUESTS: No attendees


CORRESPONDENCE:  Denver Spieldenner read a letter from the Conneaut High School Boosters   thanking the Conneaut Port Authority for their donation of a Sandbar pass for their event.

Denver also reported on the Great Lakes Monthly Bulletin from the Army Corp of Engineers and stated that Lake Erie is slightly below average from last year.

Denver mentioned that The Public Entity Pool of Ohio requested a representative from the Conneaut Port Authority to act as a contact and alternate person to review insurance.  Aaron Joslin stated that the main objective is to identify loss control.  Denver will be the first contact, Joe will be designated as second contact, and Aaron will be the third contact.

Denver read the letter from the Conneaut City Manager’s Office regarding the news release for a public meeting to be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the Conneaut Human Resource Center in an open house format to discuss the City of Conneaut’s Deep Water Port. Joe encouraged all board members to attend.

Babs Legeza discussed the Ohio Deferred Compensation Benefit Plan that was created by Ohio Revised Code Section 148.02 to adopt an agreement to allow employees to become participants.

Bill Cooper made a motion to adopt the Ohio Deferred Compensation Program, seconded by Bill Kennedy, motion carried.



Wally reviewed the 2019 proposed budget and said we are working toward the new budget. We have paid the $30,000 note with interest of $2,887.73 to the City of Conneaut showing good faith and moving to lower the balance to under $100,000. Joe mentioned to new board members that the initial loan was $300,000 taken out on a ten-year payback period at straight $30,000 with interest that declines every year and is underwritten by the City of Conneaut. This was used for the new docks in the lagoon at a cost of approximately $260,000 and to pay off the building too. The last loan that we took out with the city was paid off early and it has been a good partnership putting ourselves in a good position to seek further funds from the outside.

Wally requested that a motion be made to approve the financial report.

Patrick Arcaro made a motion to approve the November 2018 Financial Report, seconded by George Peterson, motion carried.

Bill Cooper made a motion to pay the November, December, and current bills, seconded by Patrick Arcaro, motion carried.


Resolved #01-19…Bill Cooper made a motion to adopt the Ohio Deferred Compensation Program, seconded by Bill Kennedy, motion carried.

Resolved #02-19…Patrick Arcaro made a motion to approve the November 2018 Financial Report, seconded by George Peterson, motion carried.

Resolved #03-19…Bill Coopermade a motion to pay the November, December, and current bills, seconded by Patrick Arcaro, motion carried.

Resolved #04-19…Bill Kennedy made a motion to pass a 3% wage increase effective January 1, 2019, seconded by George Peterson, motion carried.

DOCK REPORT: Sandee Wilkerson

Sandee reported that we are on track reassigning the docks for this year. We have gone through the Relocation List and now working on the Waiting List with approximately 23 customers remaining to call. We have received less than ten payments on the second installment due on February 1st on the current leases. Two people came in this week to be put on the Waiting List. Bill Cooper asked how big the boats were for those who just requested docks and Sandee advised 18-20’ and 25’ and mentioned that hopefully we can accommodate them.  Also, Sandee mentioned we are only calling three times and after the third time, we continue down the list.

GRANTS: Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper discussed the Navigational Aids Grant and mentioned that he has spoken with Tim Welch, from ODNR and advised that it is in the scoring process which is a new change of policy never done before. Bill has assigned Bill Kennedy to take this over. He recommended meeting with Ted Welch, ODNR and perhaps with Foth Engineering.

Bill Cooper advised that the Clean Vessel Act Grant for the pump out station has been granted. He stated that when we purchase the three pumps required, we will then submit the receipts to ODNR to receive the grant money.

Denver Spieldenner advised that the Public Entity Pool Grant is for $1,000 and is now available. It can be used for safety equipment until December 2019.

LEASES: No Report




  • We have had no issues with any of our buildings except for roof damage from wind to the 960 Harbor Street building. (Suntan room)
  • We added the 960 Harbor Street building to our insurance policy.
  • We are getting costs to extend two more of our docks on the North end of “B” dock in the Lagoon Marina.
  • The New Holland tractor is in the repair shop (Bortnick Tractor) getting a new clutch installed.
  • The backhoe needs to go to Bortnick Tractor to have the oil pan gasket replaced and a hydraulic line repaired. We may have some damage to the drive shaft from the hydraulic line rubbing on it. We won’t know until it is inspected by the repair shop.
  • We had some dock damage before the holidays from wind. The damage has been repaired.
  • One of the zone valves for the heating system at the Breakwall Restaurant had to be replaced because it was not circulating water for the floor heat.
  • The Lagoon road has been graded once this winter. We will need to do further grading and pothole patching in the spring.
  • We have been sorting files in the office. Huge job.
  • Still working with Foth Engineering on the West Side Marina project.

Respectfully submitted: Denver Spieldenner, Harbormaster

Bill Kennedy spoke about Life Cycle Management to be put in place for big end items i.e., equipment and docks, how often are they turned over, and should we plan money for them? Joe Raisian stated the off-loading docks that we use have fared well with minimal maintenance. If any damage would be incurred, it would be mainly the floats that will go bad as the tops are already out of the water. There are four old docks on A wall that will need upgraded eventually, and the next dock system floater that will need replaced will be in the marina near the restaurant. Currently, we monitor the docks and keep preventative maintenance up to keep ahead of problems. B dock was replaced as it takes a lot of wave action, they are hinged docks (old style) where the C docks are tighter units with less wear and tear. We currently have spare floats of different sizes and depths so that if we needed to repair a dock in an emergency we could. Joe advised Denver that the B dock in the Lagoon needs two docks on the East Side extended to 30’.  We need to add two 10’ sections with tubs underneath and the planks on top for the extensions and Denver stated it costs approximately $625 for each ten-foot section or approximately $1500 for two sections. The return in revenue will pay for them and we will be moving forward with this. Much discussion was made by all.

Joe Raisian discussed the suntan building which has a lower roof overhang, often referred to as an attached storage shed, that was peeled back in the New Year’s storm.  We need to decide whether to repair the roof or tear down that portion. Denver suggested repairing since it will make a good storage area or furnace room in the future. Also, the staircase was mentioned, and it too needs addressed for repair. Joe mentioned getting a quote for the work. Bill Cooper suggested keeping that part of the building intact and Bill Kennedy agreed that it should be repaired in either case for future purposes. The building is now insured with liability. Much discussion was made by all.

Joe Raisian welcomed back Denver Spieldenner as Harbor Master with 31 years of service.

Bill Kennedy mentioned that he is putting together a plan to clean up the files and it’s going to take some effort and time. Joe Raisian stated there is a plan in place that is to document equipment serial numbers, credit card policy, files and phone policy, and Denver added that it needs updated. Bill advised there is a file management system with a lot of thought put into it and the auditors also mentioned it should be in place and maintained. Denver stated that he currently has been purging and shredding old unnecessary files as well.  Aaron Joslin asked if we will be digitizing the files and questioned about the copier if it had scanning capabilities.

Patrick Arcaro mentioned implementing a copier/scanner to do a stack of papers and Bill Kennedy suggested about a scanner with software to upload to the computer.  Aaron also mentioned a copier/scanner being the better option for stacking and scanning directly with wireless capabilities. Much discussion was made by all.


Bill Kennedy stated that we still have part of the media storage system that must be installed that is approximately $500. He reviewed the camera and security system and indicated that a pole is needed by the sandbar shed and wants to review lighting and cameras for this year. We will be adding two more lights on the North East side of lagoon. Other adjustments will be made for a rotating camera near the marina on a new pole. Bill would like to do a site inspection with Joe and look at lighting and cameras and any additions to areas in order to prioritize and move forward next year.  Much discussion was made by all.

Joe Raisian reminded the group about a meeting with Foth Engineering on January 18, 2019, at 11 a.m. with Bill Cooper, Aaron Joslin, Denver Spieldenner, and Bill Kennedy all planning on participating.

Bill Kennedy also mentioned that we need to address horses on the sandbar. Joe asked if the board had any more thoughts on this and board members indicated that we already have a policy and are being asked to change it. The argument that is being brought up is, why do we have the current policy in place? Joe stated the safety of the sandbar and people going on it is more important than that of a horse. Joe reminded everyone that we had advised the horse owners that the Hatch’s Corners area is for horses and they should pursue that location.

Joe Raisian reported that the new windows will be installed in the old Fish House on January 21-23. Wally Dunn mentioned the progression of improvements to the building roof, clean out, and now the windows. We need to look at the next phase to create a space moving forward and making it usable for adding utilities, sewer, and water or whether to move forward with the architect’s recommendation of a raised floor and Wally urged that these discussions should take place. Joe suggested we call a special meeting dedicated to this building with the architect to do the inside of the building from what it is, to what we want it to be, and then discuss the expense. The siding will be done this Spring due to the weather. Denver Spieldenner advised that the waterproofing done to the building is holding up well. Joe mentioned he doesn’t like the name Fish House for the building and Wally Dunn suggested naming it the Lake Effect Building, house, restaurant, etc.  Denver announced, “Welcome to the Lake Effect.” 


Joe Raisian stated that typically we have a review of the wages and last year we unanimously approved a 3% increase in salaries.

Wally Dunn stated that currently wages are already in place for the budget and Joe stated we failed to make a motion to pass the wage increase effective January 1, 2019.

Bill Kennedy made a motion to pass a 3% wage increase effective January 1, 2019, seconded by George Peterson, motion carried.

Joe advised there have been some change in the board and some of the committees will be reassigned as follows:

FINANCE: Wally Dunn, Joe Raisian, and Patrick Arcaro.

LEASES: George Peterson, Bill Kennedy and Joe Raisian.

GRANTS and PLANNING: Bill Kennedy, Aaron Joslin, and George Peterson.

ADVERTISING: Aaron Joslin, George Peterson, and all members on the Economic Development Committee.

Wally Dunn mentioned that there is a need for a Development of Policy Manual Review Committee. Wally stated that two years ago, he gave Joe an outline and started a gathering process to collect material however, the process was slowed down due to some files down in the other building.  He has created a new outline and wants to re-establish the process of moving forward with the document policy. Instead of a policy committee, Joe Raisian stated it would be an executive committee and typically that committee consists of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and the Treasurer all who report back to the board. 

Joe mentioned that Bill Cooper has been representing the board for 36 years since 1986 and will be resigning at the end of his term which is the end of February. Bill mentioned that he has enjoyed every bit of his 36 years and feeling a part of something that is evolving and moving forward. Denver said that Bill has been a big help to him as well and Joe mentioned he has enjoyed having him on the board.


The Chairman of the Board entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m., moved by Bill Cooper, meeting adjourned.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held on February 21, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. at 929 Broad Street, Conneaut, Ohio.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joe Raisian, Chairman 

Wally Dunn, Treasurer

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