February 21, 2019

Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Joe Raisian, at 6:30 p.m.

PRESENT: Joe Raisian, Wally Dunne, Bill Kennedy, Bill Cooper, Patrick Arcaro, Babs Legeza, Denver Spieldenner, George Peterson, Aaron Joslin and Sandee Wilkerson.


MINUTES: A motion was made by Patrick Arcaro to accept the minutes from the January 17, 2019 board meeting, seconded by Bill Cooper, motion carried.

GUESTS: Angel McVoy, City Council at Large



Bill Cooper stated new figures for pump out station’s prices have not changed, but freight increased about $20. Bill mentioned that he has moved over all his contacts to Denver Spieldenner for the transition of Bill retiring.


Joe Raisian and Denver Spieldenner announced Bill Cooper’s retirement and praised Bill for his 33 years of dedicated service and accomplishments and presented Mrs. Connie Cooper with a dozen roses on behalf of the Conneaut Port Authority.  

CORRESPONDENCE:  Denver Spieldenner read a letter from the Conneaut Board of Tourism   stating they have a new name and new look which is now the Conneaut Convention and Visitors Bureau funded by Conneaut bed tax and membership paperwork was also received.

Denver also reported that we have not received the Great Lakes Monthly Bulletin from the Army Corp of Engineers and he just commented that Lake Erie is frozen.

Bill Kennedy mentioned that correspondence was reviewed with the law office and sent out to Ms. Deborah McCauley with a denial regarding horses on the sandbar.



Wally reviewed the finance report and noted that the notes payable to the city is $90,000 down from a $300,000 note.

Revenue is just starting to roll in and we are currently receiving money for boat dock contracts.

Disbursements for security and light fixture were paid out for the camera and battery backup.

Motion to include grant appropriations for Clean Vessel Act, which replaces pump out station and various pumps combined with Public Entity Pool is aprox. $25,000, which will be reimbursed.  We received a letter stating the grant has been approved.

Bill Kennedy made a motion to increase appropriations for $25,000 for the grant match line item 235, also the receipts in anticipation of line 135, and seconded by Wally Dunne, motion carried.

Wally requested that a motion be made to approve the financial report.

Motion was made by Aaron Joslin to approve January 2019 Financial Report, seconded by Patrick Arcaro, motion carried.

Bill Kennedy made a motion to pay the January and current bills, seconded by Patrick Arcaro, motion carried.


Resolved #05-19…Patrick Arcaro made a motion to approve the January 17, 2019 board minutes and seconded by Bill Cooper, motion carried.

Resolved #06-19… Bill Kennedy made a motion to increase appropriations for $25,000 for the grant match line item 235 also the receipts in anticipation of line 135 and seconded by Wally Dunne, motion carried.

Resolved #07-19… Motion was made by Aaron Joslin to approve January 2019 Financial Report, seconded by Patrick Arcaro, motion carried.

Resolved #08-19… Bill Kennedy made a motion to pay the January and current bills, seconded by Patrick Arcaro, motion carried.

Resolved #09-19… Bill Kennedy made a motion to go into Executive Session at 7:30 pm, seconded by Wally Dunne, motion carried.

Resolved #10-19… Wally Dunne made a motion to go out of Executive Session at 8:00 pm, seconded by Bill Kennedy, motion carried.

DOCK REPORT: Sandee Wilkerson

Sandee reported that we have gone through the Relocation list and the Waitlist and currently have five docks available in the Marina and 14 available docks in the Lagoon. Also, she noted that we are on track with February installments and noted some have also been prepaying the April installment as well.

GRANTS: Bill Kennedy

Bill Kennedy stated that the Pep Grant paperwork was submitted, and we can now order $1000 for safety items. We received a response from Foth Engineering regarding the dredging permit in areas A, B and C. Denver stated that we have been talking with those persons in charge of the Conneaut Harbor, regarding permits for Areas A core samples taken, Area B is ok, but Area C does not have up to date core samples and the USAC was questioning issuing a permit for that. Denver states that we should wait on the inside marina lagoon and drop that off on the permit, since it has only been dredged one time in over 30 years ago. He has been speaking with the USAC about outside of that gap to do a sampling in that area and use those samples for permit if not, drop it off the permit and add as an addendum at some point. We are still waiting on the 401 quality water certification and the consistency reports from States of PA and OH, which Foth Engineering is supposed to be handling this for us. We will be contacting them to get an update on their progress.   Grain sampling will be done in the harbor and if it passes it will be put in lake. We have a created a grant committee with Bill, Aaron and George to oversee and move forward with tasks at hand.




  • There is significant damage to D, E, and F docks in the Lagoon Marina and to B dock in the PCM Marina. We have many welds broken, as well as bolts sheared off in the Lagoon. B dock in PCM is mainly made of wood and we have broken boards and broken bolts. Not sure about water lines yet.
  • We have hired one new employee for maintenance, one for the launch ramps, and two people for the sandbar. We are now fully staffed in all areas. We will meet with all employees prior to startup to review our employee handbook and to discuss our operation in general. All new employees will be placed with experienced workers for training. All have passed background checks and drug tests.
  • We still have cameras out at the north end of the Lagoon Marina. This is an electrical issue. The ice has snapped some of the wires on F dock, thus tripping the ground fault circuit breaker.
  • We had a new clutch put in the New Holland tractor. We had to have the oil pan gasket replaced on the back hoe as well as the main hydraulic line replace. We also had to have the universal joints replaced on the drive shaft. The sand we operate in daily wears our equipment faster than normal. All other equipment has been serviced and is ready to go.
  • We are working on assembling two dock extensions for B dock in the Lagoon Marina. This will make all docks on the east side of this dock 30 feet long.
  • We are still working with Foth Engineering on the West Side Marina project.
  • We are working with the USACE to secure a new dredge permit.
  • The USACE will be dredging our recreational channel this summer at no cost to us.
  • We had a water line leak in the boiler room at the Breakwall Restaurant. It has been repaired.
  • We will be traveling to Columbus in March to look at government surplus equipment. Looking at vehicles and other equipment.

Respectfully submitted: Denver Spieldenner

                             Harbormaster, Conneaut Port Authority

Joe mentioned that both B dock in the lagoon and in the marina takes a lot of wave action and the anchors for those are pile driven piers and suggested perhaps we should drive piles on the F dock as the spud poles don’t seem to be holding well. Denver has contacted Lakeshore Towing regarding the addition of pile drivings there and perhaps putting five to eight there in the fall alleviating additional problems.  Eight to ten-inch pylons would run aprox. $5,000 each unless they are in the area which would eliminate a transportation charge.

Bill questioned the possibility of allowing 90 hours toward labor for the renovation of the Sun Tan Building, which will allow for clean up in the upstairs, kitchen, etc. much discussion was had.

Denver spoke on the creation of a building inventory which describes basic construction of buildings, square footage, how high the sidewalls are along with width, height, man doors, overhead doors and upgrades to electrical basically cataloging each building.  Also, Bill spoke about the Public Entity pool offering a free property appraisal of every building on site valued at $100,000 or higher with a detailed report, which includes detailed description, replacement cost, insurable value etc. Aaron Joslin states that this is replacement cost appraisal which is beneficial to both parties for insuring each building for correct replacement pricing.

Bill spoke regarding digitizing files and mentioned that we now have the Minolta BizHub copier which stacks, duplexes, prints color and includes wifi and faxing.  Also, fiber will be upgraded into 929 Broad Street building for internet speed.

Bill requested that CT Consultants be called to schedule a special meeting with an architect for the blue building and it was agreed by all to move forward.

Joe noted that upon the retirement of Bill Cooper, he has appointed Bill Kennedy to fill the position of Vice Chairmanship for the remainder of term ending December 31, 2019 and then election of officers will take place late November/December.

LEASES: No Report


Bill Kennedy stated that we have two cameras out with electrical issues at the end of the lagoon road probably due to wires being dipped down into the ice and unable to fix at this time.

We are waiting for Security Technologies regarding the camera app for Apple and Android for our use on how to set up the phones to view cameras.


Denver stated the Spring Startup has begun and we are in the hiring process for the launch ramp and the sandbar ramp, as well as two maintenance guys coming back for initial startup.

Bill stated he has CPA enrolled in Federal and State surplus operations. They have periodic auctions for tools, vehicles, computer equip. etc. which CPA might want to have access too if the need arises.

Joe advised to have Sandee scan and email all the leases to the CPA board.  George said he will execute a summary sheet with terms, expiration dates, etc. for each lease as well.

The Chairman of the Board entertained a motion to go into Executive Session at 7:30 pm to discuss Economic Development issues.

Bill Kennedy made a motion for Executive Session at 7:30 pm., seconded by Wally Dunne.

Roll Call:  Joe Raisian, Wally Dunne, Bill Kennedy, Patrick Arcaro, George Peterson, Aaron Joslin and Denver Spieldenner.

Wally Dunne made a motion to come out of Executive Session at 8:00 pm., seconded by Bill Kennedy, motion carried.

Motions made: None


The Chairman of the Board entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m.,

moved by Wally Dunne, seconded by Aaron Joslin, meeting adjourned.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held on March 21, 2019, at 6:30 p.m.

at 929 Broad Street, Conneaut, Ohio.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joe Raisian, Chairman 

Wally Dunn, Treasurer

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